No. EP Treatment products are effective as part of a maintenance program as well. EP Treatment products help to maintain a healthy scalp, thereby preventing excessive hair loss and providing a conducive environment for healthy hair growth.


Results vary from individuals.

Pair EP Toniques with appropriate shampoos and use twice daily for best results. Most customers see a decrease in hair fall in 4 weeks.

Thereafter, hair should start looking denser and fuller


For preventive or maintenance, we would recommend one a month.

For intensive treatments to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, we would recommend weekly treatments, paired with the right home care products for the fast and effective results.


You can check with your nearest EP Professional Salon or drop us an email!


EP T3 Energisant Tonique contains Oleanolic Acid, an effective blocker of 5 alpha reductase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterones into the dreaded DHT. With reduced DHT, excessive hair loss is controlled.




Yes, it is ok to continue coloring / perming / treating / styling hair. Take care not to stress the hair roots as this may also cause additional hair loss.